Perfect Scoundrel at Martifers “Darcie”

Martifers Stop The Press

 CH Lodgehouse Mr Bojangles

CH Jowendys Im so Excited at Zajonty

Victor Von Roveline  (Imp)

Jowendys Strikes Again

Fayette Amelia to Lodgehouse

CH Ranlor Circuit Breaker JW

Logehouse Tea Rose

Grand Moff Tarkin of Martifers

Branchhouse Total Recall

CH Lodgehouse Casablanca JW

Tazokha Eternal Flame At Branchhouse

Othertons Lady Minister

Otherton Pure Genius JW

h The Devil

Othertons First Attraction from Jodandie

Calritz Palace

Jowendys Robin The Hood

Victor Von Roveline  (Imp)

FCI Int IT Germ CH Alfaadelante Del Citone

Quercia Von Rovline

Jowendys Strikes Again

Dobermorays April Fool

Jowendys Wild Child

Harcharan Mirage

CH Michcar My Cousin Vinny

CH Jowendy Kilowatt

Lynfryds Chase The Ace

Harcharan Helston Flurry

CH Jowendy Kilowatt

Pompie Call Me Madam at Harcharan

DoB May 2009

vWD Carrier

PHPV unaffected

Hip Score total 9 (3/6)

Echo Cardiogram Clear Oct 2012

Work in progress !