Phoebe and Tig - Litter Pictures

Litter born 28th June 2017 5 boys, 4 brown and 1 black - 2 girls, 1 brown and 1 black

Day 2 - Black girl just visible under black boy

Day 3 - Feeling very relaxed

Day 5 - 6 very full Dobies and 1 dormouse!!

Day 9 - Pink Girl and Winston (our only black boy)

Day 10 - The 4 brown boys at the “milk bar” and ladies day at the spa

Day 11 - The 4 brown boys  and our black girl (Miss Scarlet - going commando!)

Bright green boy opened his eyes today

Day 12 - Winston with a sparkle in his eye.  All puppies have eyes open now.

Mothers love.  Her eyes were closed until I moved close with the camera

Day 19 - Winston and Captain Calamari

Day 19 - Miss P and Captain Calamari

Day 19 - Miss Scarlet with her “big” friend

Day 19 - The Brown Boys - puppies not allocated, but we have a Woody, possibly Baloo and maybe a Horace.

One brown boy is available (16th July)

Day 18 - We have nocturnal puppies who sleep all day and are active at night when video is not so good.

Day 23- First solid food (250g of lean minced “British” beef)

Day 23- After tea playtime

Day 24- Puppies and Phoebe had some visitors today.

Thank you to Izzy, Jessica and Charlotte for the cuddling.

Four weeks old today and desperate to go outside. Its raining and we have builders around today, so hopefully, tomorrow they will begin their adventure into the big outside world.

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Winston getting to know his future mummy, Alex

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