Martifers - Litters

Morgan and Gracie's litter born 15th June 2018

Puppies 15 June 2018

Martifers Pot Noodle

Multi CH Funky Noodles Wot a Thriller (Imp Fra)

Int CH F’Hiram-Abif Royal-Bell

Int CH Eko Royal-Bell

FCI Int & IT CH Nitro del Rio Bianco

Multi CH Zara Royal-Bell

FCI Int CH Ebony vom Residenzschloss

FCI World Champion  IDC and DV Sieger.  

Gino Gomez del Citone

 ZTP V1A, SchH1, BH

Arizona Royal-Bell

Dutch CH Keyalas Wot Helsinki

Rus CH Sergius-Aleksandrija Rerikh

Rus CH Tigr Iz Slavnoi Stai

FCI Int Rus CH Adele-Adriana De Vinko

IR CH Keyalas Wot a Thriller JW

CH Jowendys Kilowatt

Keyalas Kandy Kracker 1CC  and 1RCC

Perfect Scoundrel at Martifers

Martifers Stop The Press 1RCC

CH Lodgehouse Mr Bojangles

CH Jowendys Im so Excited at Zajonty

Fayette Amelia to Lodgehouse

Grand Moff Tarkin of Martifers

Branchhouse Total Recall

Othertons Lady Minister

Calritz Palace

Jowendys Robin The Hood

Victor Von Roveline  (Imp)

Jowendys Strikes Again

Harcharan Mirage

CH Michcar My Cousin Vinny

Harcharan Helston Flurry

Martifers Night Fever

Am/Lux CH Blackjack Bluffer Von Jahrestal

INT CH Alea By The Sea

CH Trotyl De Black Shadow

CH Inaqui De Black Shadow

Jessy De Vulcano

Betelges Sienna

IDC Sg Fedor Del Nasi

 Holly Delnasi

Tequila Lewan Von Jahrestal

INT CH Livonijas Baron Nero Hieronimus

INT CH Nitro Del Rio Bianco

INT CH Paola Penelopa Pilgrams

Princes Phiola Von Jahrestal

IDC Sg Fedor Del Nasi

Wicky Betelges

Serb CH Golden Girl Night Fever

Apolon Ares Von Jahrestal

INT CH Mitto Del Nasi

Prinz Paris Von Jahrestal

Wallis Niki Of Tanderberg

Tigris Lewan Von Jahrestal

INT CH Livonijas Baron Hero Hieronimus

Princes Phiola Von Jahrestal

Astrid Azra Night Fever

Karnah The Best Line

INT CH Cillian - Connor Jahrestal

Irma the Best Line

Bellisima Di Casa Montenegro

IDC Sg Fedor Del Nasi

Odi Opium Od Telepa

Martifers Pot Noodle JW ShCM (Morgan)

Martifers Night Fever (Gracie)

Martifers Pot Noodle

                    "Morgan"                                Health Tests                               "Gracie"

                    Unaffected                                PHPV                               Unaffected

                         3/5                                      Hips                                     2/4

                       Carrier                                   vWD                                   Clear

                   N/N Normal                   Project Dog 'DING' Test                  N/N Normal

                 Normal Oct 17                  Troponin and ProBNP                   Normal Oct 17

               Normal March 18                     Echocardiogram                   Normal March 2018

                                                       & 24 hr Holter Monitor       

                                                                                      Liver Enzymes & Thyroid T4 Normal March 18

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